Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Musings on The Being Effect

For me, The Being Effect is what one might call the impact we each make on our environment, our loved ones, each person we meet, and our own body. It is not just about what we say and do - but actually more about how we feel. Our feelings permeate everything, which is really good news, because this is something we can actually take charge of - and which in turn will make it easier to take charge of how we respond to the world! I for one, am grateful for this, especially when I am confronted with all the things in the world that I cannot control! Although recycling, using my bike instead of my car, and coaching by phone rather than driving to an office, all contribute however minutely to a better world, consciously putting myself in a 'feel-good' state and allowing it to effect everything I think, say and do will, I believe, make an even greater difference. And it will naturally include riding my bike - - for several reasons, not just because I want to be 'green' but because I really love to ride! Easier, somehow, than 'trying hard' to be environmentally conscious, as it is a natural result of 'the feel-good' flow........... :-)

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