Monday, March 28, 2011

Braving New Worlds - in DC!

I spent the last 5 days in Washington DC - but all I got to see of it was from my taxi, to and from the airport. Pathetic, you might think. Well yes, I cannot disagree - but to my defense, I was busy attending a Psychotherapy conference with 3000 other professionals in the field, which would distract anybody from sightseeing, don't you think? Although many of us attendees were also coaches or 'just' counselors, it all falls under the heading of mental health - in the true sense of the word!
The theme of this years symposium was as relevant as it could possibly be –  Braving New Worlds! Translated to 'normal speak' this means addressing what it takes to try helping people within what some would call a ‘touchy-feely’ area of life, emotional health and well being, while trying to navigate the new emotionless world of technology, which contains seemingly endless tools and information to enhance our various practices and help our clients more, but which puzzles coaches and therapists more than any complex client possibly could!
In addition, the fascinating field of brain science was also heavily represented, making its way into many, many presentations. This field is making so many significant discoveries, finding ever new facts about what makes us tick, that anyone who has an interest in understanding human nature and how to make life and relationships better, coach or counselor aside, should be paying attention!
I’ll be blogging about specifics in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, check out these few websites of exceptional people doing exceptional work! - John Gottman and his wife Jane Gottman have performed the most extensive studies on relationships done anywhere. Their site has heaps of books and tools on both relationships and parenting! Louann Brizendine’s books on the female and male brain can be most illuminating(!), sometimes surprising, and frequently SO helpful! Sherry Turkel’s book is the result of her 15 year study into technology and it’s effects on us all.  Originally an optimistic advocate of all things techy, Turkel now  has deep concerns about our increasing use of digital gadgets and how it is affecting our relationships with each other. A must-read!
And while you're checking them out, enjoy this cherry blossom photo I managed to get on my phone!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Deep Breaths Not Always Enough!

Sometimes, the stress, worry and anxiety in life are such that a few deep breaths just aren’t enough to help! Occasionally, a few deep breaths may clear up the brain and relax us temporarily, but after getting back to our activity or work, we find ourselves right back in the anxiety-ridden thoughts! Whenever this happens, to me, I always find it helpful to immediately take 5 minutes and do a full body relaxation – it can save hours of time otherwise wasted with fretting and lack of productivity.
We just uploaded a new Full-Body Relaxation (go to The Zone from our Homepage). Check it out – you may find it helpful!