Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Visualization in Main-Stream!

What  a delight it was to be at a conference with 3,000 other counselors & coaches and to experience that all the terrific information that’s been available but considered ‘out there’ for twenty something years is now being explored and accepted by ‘main-stream’. Maybe it’s due to all the great neuro-science of recent years ‘proving’ things we intuitively knew about the human brain and mind; maybe it’s the many experiences of practitioners who’ve tried ‘new’ things reaching a tipping point; or maybe it’s just TIME! Regardless, I love it! Especially coming across talk of guided imagery in an array of settings, from events entitled ‘Dancing with the Brain’ to ‘Neuro-science and Self-Care’, and workshops where guided visualizations were being given in profusion! We always knew the conscious use of imagery works for everything from well-being to healing, to manifesting to taking charge of stress & emotions. But it seems, now we know it works! Nerd smile