Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Poem for a Smile

When I worked as a school counselor, I liked to share poems and stories with the children, that would express feelings they might be experiencing but having difficulty expressing. One poem was particularly popular and came to mind again when a former (now grown up) client asked about it! We agreed that it very aptly expresses something we can all identify with!
Betsy At The Party

‘When I was at the party,’
Said Betsy aged just four,
‘A little girl fell off her chair
Right down upon the floor;
And all the other little girls
Began to laugh, but me -
I didn’t laugh a single bit,’
Said Betsy seriously.

‘Why not?’ her mother asked her,
Full of delight to find
That Betsy - bless her little heart! -
Had been so sweetly kind.
‘Why didn’t you laugh, my darling?
Or don’t you like to tell?’
‘I didn’t laugh,’ said Betsy,
‘ ‘Cause it was me that fell!’