Friday, April 23, 2010

Blessings in Disguise

‘An attitude of gratitude’ is a concept I’ve been experiencing the power of first-hand in the last couple of weeks. ‘Stranded’ in the UK by the closure of airspace due to mother nature’s volcanic ash clouds, I find myself able to choose between frustration at not being able to get home and appreciation at being given additional days to do business and see family; between irritation at lost income & added expenses and pleasure at the possibility of laying more groundwork for more work in London; between missing my closest family and the enjoyment of spending more time with dear friends; between annoyance at having no control and relishing the excitement that comes with new opportunities & enjoying synchronicities revealing themselves! And most of all, feeling gratitude for the fact that I could have been stranded somewhere without all this great technology enabling me to communicate with everyone I needed to communicate with! To top it all, the entire week has seen the sun shining brightly all day, every day – in London!!! And with the volcanic ash floating somewhere far above us. Amazing!