Saturday, October 24, 2009

Press packet for new book

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Monday, October 19, 2009

I Am Lovable and Capable!

Have you ever stood in front of a mirror and said to yourself “I am loveable and capable”? It can be a powerful exercise, and one which can unveil attitudes and beliefs you have about yourself that may not be serving you all that well!

A lot has been written in the last few decades about feeling loved and lovable. Less has been written about feeling capable…. However, the desire to feel capable is probably as strong in its own way as the desire to love and be loved; all a part of the need to belong and to matter that is such a significant part of the human experience. The desire to be capable never diminishes throughout life; picture a toddler proclaiming his ability to be self reliant; “I wanna do it! Le’ me do it!” is a cry we have all heard from a two-year old. Teenagers are of course notorious for wanting to demonstrate that they are capable, and if you visit a nursing home, you frequently witness residents saying to the staff, “Let me do it myself!”

I like to remember to recognize and honor this, whether I am at home, or working with business managers or parents: With managers I love the idea of ‘catching employees doing something right’: – Managers and leaders tend to be very good at correcting and finding what’s wrong – it’s very easy to do! However a more productive and beneficial approach is to catch yourself doing just that, and for each time you do; find and communicate something right that employees have done – twice!
With parents, this can work pretty much the same way – the object of children’s activities is, after all, developing self-reliance! The environments we create for our children need to give them the experience of being capable and able to fix a problem if they have one!
For me at home – well, suffice it to say I can always do with a bit more focus on what we all are capable of (rather than what we are not!)
In all cases I do believe the most important thing is to be sincere, to be authentic – for nothing is worse than a false compliment, or a “Good job!” said with an insincere smile and a false chirpiness!
And at the end of the day, that brings it all back to oneself: how sincere can I be in front of a mirror saying “I am lovable and capable”? It’s definitely something to work on!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Is Anybody There?

It all happened very fast – one minute he was walking along the edge of a cliff, minding his own business, the next he was half way down, suspended over the jagged rocks and crashing waves below, by his pants pocket hooked onto a branch.

He felt the fabric begin to weaken and give way….. A few more stitches snapped. The waves pounding the rocks beneath him seemed to be getting closer – and certain death awaited him!

“Help! Is anyone there?” he cried out in anguish. “Help! Please, help me someone!”

Then, as if on a breeze floating by, a voice replied; “Do not hang on – release the fabric from the branch and let go. Trust me. You will float gently down like a feather in the breeze, and you will land softly on a smooth rock. The waters will lap softly against your feet, soothing your every ache, loosening your every tension….’

“Is anyone else there?” he called.

(originally read in "Inside Stories" by Angela Wood & Robin Richardson © 1992)

I wonder how many of us have at sometime or another felt this way? – that we’ve been called on to have faith, but cannot or dare not comply with the ramifications of it; of what such faith actually demands of us……. Heavy maybe? But reflecting on this question feels appropriate these days ……..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Few De-stressing Tips for These Times of Angst:

Limit time spent on a crisis
Stroke an animal & exhale while doing so
Talk to a friend
Say ‘no’ to a demand
Say ‘yes’ to a break
Congratulate yourself for your commitment to growth (You’re reading this, for instance!)
Enjoy nature
Give CHANGE a chance!