Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A New Meaning!

Hello is a word
I use every day
It’s not been a big deal, in any way

It’s probably said
more than most other words
On occasion it’s even spoken by birds

I say it, I hear it
I pay it no mind
I move to the next thing and leave it behind

I take it for granted
I always did
Like blinking and breathing, the ego, the id

It never occurred
To give it a thought
It’s only a word that everyone’s taught!

But lo and behold
Just one week ago
I came to discover a new Hello!

The word became everything
Special to me
It filled up my eyes with tears of happy

This word that I’d never
Paid any mind
Became suddenly a word so sublime

The moment I saw
Her sweet little face
At first I stammered and couldn’t find grace

I couldn’t find words
From below or above
I was in awe, I was gob-smacked with love

The word that I said
When I found my voice
Was that word Hello! - now my word of choice!

For what better word
Could there be to bestow
On my new-born granddaughter than that word Hello!