Thursday, June 18, 2009

Walking the Talk

Walking the Talk

Walking the Talk has been a much-used phrase in recent years, and probably is more applicable than ever now! When we – or those we look up to – do not ‘walk the talk’, incongruence and inconsistencies become rampant very quickly, which makes for a lot of insecurities to say the least!

Unfortunately, we cannot control others and whether they live up to our expectations. But we can be in charge of ourselves, and the way we “walk our talk”.

To have such ‘management’, we must of course become aware of what our ‘talk’ is; our beliefs about how to live life, our values and expectations, the behaviors and actions we expect of others and ourselves. Interestingly, many are unclear about this, not having fully addressed these thoughts and beliefs within the self –only being adversely triggered whenever they are unmet in the outside world!!

Nonetheless, it is surely essential to be completely conscious of exactly what we want to see before we can manifest it. Although this may seem obvious, I personally find it very valuable to keep the door open on the issue of ‘talk’ and whether we are really ‘walking’ it; never taking that for granted; always questioning and checking ourselves; exploring and self-regulating any stress or emotions that get in the way or are destructive; always growing our self-awareness, and, in the words of Walt Whitman, rising to go beyond.

Then, and only then can we become objective enough to address whether we are, or even can be capable of, ‘walking the walk”!!!!

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