Monday, June 15, 2009

A Timeless Issue

I came across the quote below in an old book. I have found it to push the boundaries of some of our perceptions today and even activate some uncomfortable emotions, but the teaching is relevant and timeless – and it is one we can choose to use as a catalyst for growth; an inspiration; a validation of intentions; or merely to examine our emotional response and decide whether it serves us …. or not.

A certain stage of the human consciousness can be observed when, to the question as to what is needed, the following answer is given: ‘Money’. So long as this mercenary limitation is not outlived, no spiritual help can be provided. One’s consciousness must be advanced towards more significant values, then help will come even materially. The law of the highest values is affirmed in the whole of existence. Thus, our own consciousness determines the well-being that is deserved.
From HEART – Signs of Agni Yoga © 1932

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