Saturday, January 15, 2011

Don't Worry, 'Send' Happy!

 Do you ever have the experience that your child, or someone you love, is having difficulty with something and you are not in a position to help out? Rather than allowing yourself to worry, take a moment to be still and bring your focus into yourself, your own body and breathing. Slow it down.

Tune into the love you feel  - for your child or whomever the concern is about – FEEL IT …. And ‘send’ it to him or her. Imagine it beaming out from your heart to his/hers and back at you. Imagine how good it makes her/him feel and allow yourself to enjoy this :-))))))))) 

You don’t need to do this merely when your child (or whoever) is having a problem; you can do it on a regular basis, as a means to give support … and see if you can monitor the effect it has & whether it makes a difference to your relationship……
Personally, I always find it makes a difference. I would love to hear about your experiences …….

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