Sunday, September 20, 2009

Appreciating The Small Stuff

A plate is placed on the small café table in front of me. On it, a perfect, golden brown, puffy croissant – straight out of the oven. As I gingerly hold it by its two hot claws and pull gently, it falls apart, pastry flakes scattering on and off the plate. The croissant center is revealed, hot and steamy, soft and yellow. I place a small piece on my tongue and can taste the butter through the flavor of sweet pastry. Yum! As I break off small pieces and eat them slowly, one by one, I leave the outer, crispy, flaky pieces for last. Savoring every bite of this mouthwatering pastry, I occasionally indulge further in sips of foamy cappuccino, enhancing the croissant’s sweetness even more. Eventually only those crispy flakes remain. I take a deep breath and smile in anticipation. Lifting one to my lips, I await the crunch and the taste of not quite burnt, sweet buttery pastry. There it is – ahhh. What bliss. Finally the last bite; I let it melt a little then chew gently and it’s gone. Washing it down with the rest of my cappuccino, I exhale in satisfaction and appreciation. Aren’t I one fortunate person to be indulging in such a treat, today!

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