Wednesday, August 26, 2009

~ emotionally and otherwise!

The word “emotion” is from Latin “emovere” which means ‘to be moved by’. Emotions are what move us to action. For example, the emotion of anger at injustice can move us to positive action of creating justice where none exists; the emotion of fear can move us to protect ourselves, often appropriately so, but equally often, inappropriately.

Emotions used in the way for which they were intended, generate creativity and innovation in each one of us, in every area of life. Emotions that are denied or not accepted drive us to behaviours that are unhealthy or dysfunctional. Conversely, emotions that are acknowledged and channeled appropriately bring about positive action, invoke problem-solving, and give birth to progress.

I ask myself every weekend; what progress have my emotions helped me make this week? How have I channeled my emotional energy? What choices have I made that led to positive action or experiences – in my life and the lives of those around me?
It’s a great exercise!

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