Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Story

“Dear God,” he prayed, “let me win the lottery this week. Times are bad. We are all starving and the children need new shoes. Please help. Amen.”

“Dear God,” he prayed again, “we didn’t win the lottery, as you know. I can’t believe that you’d let me down. Things have got a lot worse. We haven’t eaten now for days, the baby is really ill and we’ll lose the house if I don’t get some money soon. Please help. Amen.”

“Dear God,” he prayed once more, “I don’t understand at all. Two weeks have passed since I first prayed to you, and still we haven’t won. We are faint with hunger and exhausted from worry. The bailiffs will be here tomorrow if I can’t pay the rent and then what will become of us? I’m begging you now – I’ll never ask for anything again! Please help, amen.”

“Meet me half way,” came the reply. “Buy a ticket.”

(A Traditional Jewish story)