Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year Tips

Days into another January, most of us have made our new year’s resolutions – that is if we are going to! And every article I read about it asks: 'How do we keep ‘em?'
The Heath brothers (authors of SWITCH), have come up with five great tips; my favourite one is ‘watch for the bright spots.’ 
I always find it helpful to ‘habituate what works.’ In other words, don’t focus on when you slip up, eat that cake or procrastinate again(!) – focus instead on the step you did take, the smaller slice of cake you ate or whatever you have done today that worked. Pat yourself on the back for that, then do more of it! Works for me! (Note to self: Remember this!!)
To read more of the Heath brothers’ tips go to this article http://bit.ly/hQwtQk 
Wishing you all a year filled with health, happiness, peace, prosperity, and FUN!

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